Leading Moroccan insurer offers over a century of expertise

2018 was a milestone year for Sanad Assurances as the company celebrated its 100th anniversary. Through its wealth of experience and customer-centric values, the company has achieved 40 percent growth in the last five years.

Today, Sanad Assurances is one of the top five insurance companies in Morocco and continues to meet the demands of clients and partners across the country.

“We are very proud of our recent achievements and celebrating our centennial last year was a big step for us as a company,” said Abdelilah Laamarti, director general of Sanad Assurances.

“Our success is founded on our highly skilled team of people who have the technical know-how and strong communication skills to understand the needs of our clients across a range of sectors.”

Initially established to serve the maritime industry, Sanad Assurances has diversified its services and product offerings. Today, the company offers personal, automotive, housing and facultative (reinsurance) in addition to industrial and advanced risk services.

With his background in mechanical engineering, Laamarti is able to build close relationships with the company’s corporate clients, especially in the industrial sector.

“Many members of our upper management have backgrounds in engineering and with our close industry ties, we have taken a leading position and set ourselves apart from the competition,” said Laamarti.

“An increasing amount of foreign direct investment is reaching Morocco. Sanad Assurances is continuing to build new partnerships with multinationals while nurturing existing business relationships with companies already reaping the rewards of investing in the country.

“The automotive, energy and aeronautical sectors are flourishing in Morocco and Japanese multinationals are starting to take notice,” said Laamarti.

“Thanks to our long-term approach we have already established strong partnerships with leading Japanese companies active in Morocco, and we look forward to building more new friendships and exciting partnerships.”


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