UBE Europe: Diversity and opportunity lead to success

Headquartered in Ube in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, the UBE Group is active in chemicals, construction materials and machinery across key international markets. Having conducted business in Europe for over 50 years, today UBE Europe GmbH in Duesseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, is reaching out to new markets across the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) regions.

UBE Europe GmbH is responsible for the sales and marketing of a range of innovative technology- driven products. The company handles sales for over 200 products, including polyamides, special machinery, ceramic electronic components, polyimides, polybutadiene and gas separation membranes.

“Just four years ago we employed only 30 people here in Duesseldorf,” said Jeronimo Porras, president of UBE Europe GmbH. “We have grown by creating a diverse and multicultural sales team and our employees understand the complexities of doing business in different markets. Today we have 50 employees from over 10 different countries who converse with clients in 15 different languages.”

This drive for diversity has been a key factor in UBE Europe’s cross-border success in recent years.

“Emerging markets in EMEA are showing signs of economic growth and we have succeeded in establishing new partnerships in many countries,” said Porras. “To do business internationally, it’s important to have an understanding of local cultures and employ appropriate business etiquette. An international city such as Duesseldorf in the heart of Europe is advantageous as we are able to attract top talent from different countries and travel more easily to clients across EMEA.”

In the early 2010s, the UBE Group showed its commitment to Europe by investing in a $290 million manufacturing facility in Castellón, Spain; still one of the largest Japanese investments in the country. To enable closer scientific collaboration between Japan and Europe, a research and development center was also established; the first for the UBE Group outside of Japan.

“Today, as we grow our business, we are open to new ventures, investments and mergers and acquisitions in Europe,” said Porras.

Emerging markets in EMEA are showing signs of economic growth and we have succeeded in establishing new partnerships in many countries

Jeronimo Porras, President of UBE Europe GmbH 

“We will continue to increase our sales volume by taking advantage of opportunities, establishing collaborations, diversifying our business and introducing innovative products that contribute to the needs of modern society. Our Japanese colleagues fully support us and the trust we share has led to our success. UBE Europe GmbH is not conducting business in the ‘usual’ manner; we are doing something new and innovative, and this approach will continue to move the company forward.”


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