Boon Siew Honda: Helping to move Malaysia’s economy since 1957

One of the hallmarks of any successful business is how its products or services benefit the end user. This not only ensures the viability of the brand, but also defines its ethos as a responsible corporation.

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The ‘bigger picture’: Japan’s contributions to Malaysia

Katsuhiko Takahashi, Japanese Ambassador to Malaysia

IHI Corp.: Empowering a sustainable Malaysia

Established in Japan in 1853, IHI Corp. celebrates 170 years this year. The company has become a global leader in airplane engines, space and defense, industrial systems and general-purpose machinery, as well as social infrastructure, natural resources, energy and the environment.

Japan Pulp & Paper Malaysia: Continuing a legacy

Helming the company since he was 26 years old, S.K. Guan has transformed Japan Pulp & Paper Malaysia into a premier trading and distribution center for paper, paperboard and paper-related materials in Malaysia.