Mitsui Sugar and SIS – The sweet taste of success

Sa-Shi-Su-Se-So is the Japanese mnemonic for the five basic ingredients essential to washoku (Japanese cuisine). The very first syllable corresponds to satou (sugar) – used for more than just flavouring.

For over a century, Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd has enriched Japanese lives by providing safe, reliable and natural ingredients centred on sugar, functional carbohydrates, sugarcane and sugar beets.

Last year, Mitsui Sugar made a strategic move to acquire Singapore’s leading sugar company SIS’88 Pte. Ltd. in order to expand its business in Southeast Asia, a region in which demand for sugar continues to rise.

“SIS is a well-known, distinct brand in Singapore and the Middle East,” says Daisuke Saiga, president and CEO of Mitsui Sugar. “With Mitsui Sugar’s know-how, marketing capacity and long-running experience, we plan to leverage SIS’s existing brand recognition and become a leading brand in Singapore and Southeast Asia.”

SIS has a subsidiary named “Asian Blending” which specializes in food ingredient blends. The blending business is growing rapidly due to diversification of products in the food and beverage industry and their function and role has become important in the sugar market, particularly in middle to downstream.

In addition to strengthening its corporate values, Mitsui Sugar aims to raise the quality of life of customers by introducing healthier sugar alternatives.

“We are very aware of the role sugar plays in health issues such as diabetes,” explains Saiga. “In order to address these issues, we have developed functional sugars which are a healthier alternative to traditional sugar.”

Mitsui Sugar has been developing health functions of carbohydrates called Palatinose®, which works to moderate the absorption of sugar thus preferred by health-conscious people and athletes.

The company intends to continue investing in scientific research and education, particularly in Singapore, to help develop sugar alternatives while promoting the more healthier and functional uses of sugar.

“Together with SIS, we look forward to ensuring we become a reliable supplier of highly quality sweeteners in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa for both traditional and functional sugars,” concludes Saiga.

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