Playing an important role in strengthening Japan-Egypt relations

A Message from Takashi Tsunemi, Managing Director of JETRO Cairo

Japan and Egypt have a long friendship and are historically great countries. There are aspects of both countries in which the population and the industrial structure are similar and it has been possible to forge a relationship which complements Japan and Egypt in various ways.

Today, Japan is required to utilize the skills of sophisticated foreigners in its future economic growth. Egypt is rich in human resources and Japan actively cooperates with training which the Sisi administration is implementing. We want to see Egyptian people raised in this environment in order for them to grow professionally alongside Japanese companies working in both Japan and Egypt.

Japan also appreciates Egypt’s current investment climate and many Japanese executives are doing business in the country. Excellent products and technologies from Japan are being used to facilitate economic growth in Egypt.

We want to see Egyptians receive continued education and Japan is playing a role in this. Importantly, in order to attract Japanese companies to Egypt, the country’s business environment needs to continually improve.

For the continued development of both countries, further industrial, academic and government exchange is important. We expect the Seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD7) held in Japan later this year will be an opportunity to realize these ambitious goals and JETRO will play an important role in the strengthening of Japan-Egypt relations moving forward.

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